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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It has been a month since i started this new job.. wow.. it's really busy.. very fast paced and i have to work OT most of the days. wonder will it take a toil on my health?? though i learnt and experienced a lot, i'm not sure whether such a job suits me.. i've got another job offer, which i've rejected because of its industry and because it has to be bonded for 2 years, though the pay is higher.. i sort of regretted but what to do?

Life is always about making choices.. u don't know whether the one u have chose is right because u kept thinking what will happen if u chose other choices.. :x

I'm thinking what birthday present i want.. i'm really busy to be thinking.. what should i want?

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

It has been a while since I last updated my blog. Lots of things happened for the past year.. Major happenings: Married, moved in to parents-in-law house, ex company has closed down, jobless for 2 months plus.. & now just started a new job on Tuesday. It has been an eventful year. And during the 2 months that i was jobless, i was really depressed & worried plus the fact that my mother in law & people around me kept giving me pressure. And now this new job, i'm not so sure whether it suits me..haiz.. will be back again to update. i will make it a point to update regularly yeah!

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Well, many things happened that I haven’t got the time to blog. The next day after our Outdoor shoot on 29 Sept, he incurred a terrible pain in his back. Has been delaying for some time for his back problem. He went to see TCM few times but no use. Then he went to SGH. There was a need to go to MRI as Xray could not see the problem. On a Sunday, was supposed to choose photos, then he can’t bear the pain any longer. So I suggested to go to SGH A&E but end up no use. Doctor just inject him with 2 doses of painkiller. It just made that part feel numb. Then after the MRI, doctor said that he has got a swollen muscle tissue in his spine. Doctor gave him 2 choices: go for injection to ease the swollen tissue or go for op to remove the swollen tissue. He chose the latter. So just before he went for op, we went to select photos finally. He just had an op on Monday, was discharged on Wednesday. And the things still on-going like he wanna vomit, having fever makes me feel worried and sian at the same time. When will he recover? I ponder.


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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Went to JB on Sun morning to have my last min gowns selection again. After which went to find Dear's friend. Then went to do my mani and pedi, intro-ed by his friend. Spent abt 2 hours there.. paisey leh.. having his friend wait so long. After which, we went back to his terrace house to have a rest. Yes, malaysians live in house and not flats. THen we went nearby to have dinner.. called 'Yi Jia'. We had chilli crayfish (thumbs up!!), curry fishhead, sambal kangkong, fried youtiao (nice), fried venison (nice), frog's meat (not legs only, but meat..). I think that's abt it.. it's cost only RM 121, converted to SG only S$50!! Plus, as it was hari raya puasa, so fireworks were going on.. we had the chance to walk around the vicinity after the hearty meal..

Well couldn't sleep at all in someone's house.. plus, it was the 2nd day of my menses.. thus was really tired the next day (My Indoor PS on 21 Sep - Hari Raya Puasa). We woke up quite late already but we managed to go to somewhere to have a quick breakfast. I had fish porridge, he had nasi lemak, and his friend had Da Bao..

During the PS we had to do many poses and the photograher commented my smile is not natural.. oh no.. hope my photos turn out well.. hmm.. *prays hard* After the shoot, we had KFC for dinner with Fables staff.. their KFC really tastes much yummy than SG!!

Finished my make-up!! Can see my double eyelids!!

I like this gown & hairstyle!

I like this gown but i dun like the hairstyle leh.. as dun suit my face~

This pink cheongsam makes me look slimmer!

Black gown!

I like this outfit the best, makes me look more nicer~

Photographer gave me this for free.. but i dun really like leh.. maybe he thought i short of 1 gown.. *see my story below~

Guess wat, the next day back at work, i realised i was short of 1 indoor gown which i think either they have forgotten or we had miscomm.. as another gal served me on Sun morning and she short count of 1 gown which i also missed out as i was having bad flu so very blur.. then i called them up.. and then they said i have correct no. of gowns as they given me the extra traditional gown which the photographer gave me for free.. i was bewildered.. anyway she agreed to give me the extra gown during my outdoor PS on Tues. Dunno whether there's enough time for it anot.. sianz..

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Went for my gowns selection last Sunday. However, was quite unsatisfied with a few of them. I’m going in this Sunday again to select another time. And I will also be doing my mani, hopefully got slots available. Indoor photoshoot will be on coming Monday. I am nervous yet excited....


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